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Suddenly Rogues Chapter 4 by Jonixlord

Suddenly Rogues Chapter 4: I Told You That Story to Tell You This One




Damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it. Damn it all to hell. I got captured. Should have pulled my knife. What an idiot. Damn it’s cold. I look up to see my coat on a chair facing me over a table.

Then the light hits my eyes. Whoever these bastards are, they like things in the classic vein. I can work with that. Some prig is standing by the light switch. The prig by the light switch smiles. In fact, that’s the only part of him I can see besides his stupid, black turtleneck.

“So,” he says, “how’s it going, Q?” He knows me. Intriguing.

I say nothing. Brain-sponge time.

“I bet it’s not going too great for you and your little buddies.” He knows about us. “Last I heard, your smuggling operation was halted by two officers and the two idiots you left at home were being chased by an officer.” Shit. “And don’t think we don’t know what you’re doing. You’re trying to find a way back to our world.” We? Our world? Fucking knew it would be Data. “Believe you me, I want the same thing. I hate this place. There’s nothing to do and Data’s ‘We have to prepared’ shit is wearing a little thin. I mean, I love the guy, but come on.” He’s babbling. What’s going on here? Why can’t I sense him? “Anyway, you have the technology and the know-how to get us back home. Data would like it very much if you told us how.”

I blink twice and my wrists writhe, trying to escape their restraints.

“Don’t worry about those. They’ll deactivate when the need be.”

“I just wanted my coat. It’s a bit chilly in here.”

“That’s too bad!” He slammed his hands on the table and I finally got a good look at him. It was RaginAsian. Of course it would have to be Data’s Starscream. “Give me all the information you have on the way back home, and I let you go. No one has to know you were here. Hell, Data doesn’t even know you’re here yet.” He shouldn’t have said that.

“Give me my coat and I’ll give you the plans,” I reasoned.

“What’s with you and this fucking coat anyways?” Ragin grabbed the coat and took one step towards me.

“By the way,” I added, “do you post as MagnoliaFan?” My coat; comfortable, warm, sturdy, and many other, pleasant adjectives as it was, was outfitted with a voice-triggered, low-grade explosive pack under the back seam that was set to explode any time ‘MagnoliaFan’ was said.

Ragin staggered backwards into the obviously-one-way mirror that took up most of the wall to my right. In his time of confusion, I took the opportunity to slide off my fallen chair and grab my discarded knife. I was finally free. The prig stood; bloody and angry. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Side of the road

Tack, Ren, Jonix, and Fools

Foolsfolly cursed. He had glass shards in his ass cheeks. I have to get to Gram… How? Fools stumbled forward and ran towards the truck, past the beast that had once been a man. He reached the cab of the truck and reached for the sword Jedipoet had given him.

Meanwhile, Ren was digging a rather large knife into the shoulder of the hulking brute with little effect. “Down, damn you!” She twisted the knife, making her fleshy vehicle squirm and stumble. He stopped to paw at her. She pushed off from his back and landed gracefully a few feet away. “Would anyone like to help,” she called, looking at the body-dumpers.

Tack obliged with grin and a nod. The sandy teenager ran up to the still-distracted officer. Holding out his right fist, he focused on putting all of his weight into that it. The fist became sand colored and as large as his chest. His left arm disappeared completely. “This is going to hurt one of us. I hope it’s you!” The punch he threw caught the behemoth on the chin, toppling it with a monstrous “WHUD.” Unfortunately, the punch sent the young man sprawling toward his opponent. The ‘roid-raging officer jerked to his feet and lifted Tack by the giant fist. He pulled back his other arm to punch.

As if on cue, Foolsfolly ran at the beastly man and swung with all of his might. The magical sword made a wet noise and stopped half of the way through the muscled officer’s bicep. Fools tried pulling at Gram’s hilt, but could not budge it. Fortunately enough, Ren came in with a dropkick to the highway patrolman’s crotch. He felt it. Tossing Tack away and pulling Gram from his arm, the giant stumbled towards the forest a couple hundred feet away.

Ren ran after him and dove for his back again. Instead of stabbing him again, she turned to a gas state and floated towards his head. He drew her in with his panting gasps for air. As she made her way to his alveoli in his lungs, she began to turn to a liquid state.

The giant began to cough and wheeze. His face ran the gamut of colors as his hue turned from red to purple, blue, and finally a pale violet. He was dead. A steady stream of steam flowed from his mouth and nose. Ren, reformed and a little stinky, noticed her hair was shorter than normal. “Damn it.” She hoped a half-inch of hair was the only thing gone.

Tack had fallen into a pile of sand and scooted far away. He found Jonix crouching behind an outcropping. “So,” Tack said, reforming his body, “were you planning on helping out?”

“And what was I going to do? His subconscious is so far gone. This guy was working on aggression and adrenaline alone. ” Jonix stood. “Besides, my commands only work on calm minds.” Tack followed Jonix as he started walking towards their companions.

Fools and Ren were sitting in the truck bed, silent. “Hey guys,” Tack called from the patrol car, “what do we do with the car?”

Ren looked to him and then to Fools. The cyclopean rogue shrugged. “Let’s have a look.”

The Projects

Baraxis, MoreLikePuma, and WhoIsBrodie

Baraxis’s elbow landed squarely against Brodie’s jaw. “Arrgh!” Brodie flailed his gravity-pinned arms, trying to reach his mouth. “Furcker! Yuh brork muh juh!”

“You’re not very good at name calling, Brodie,” Baraxis commented. “It must suck finally talking like the slack-jawed idiot you are.”

“Wanna knerw a sercrut, jakuhs?”


“Uh luht yuh pin muh dewrn.” Brodie turned his palms flat. He started to vibrate. Baraxis panicked and kicked at the speedster, only to have his foot go right through his body. “Uh’d run erf Uh werr yuh, arshore.” With that, the pavement under Brix’s feat exploded with pure kinetic energy. He lost all control over his powers, survival being his primary goal. Brodie was up on his feet and at the end of the street by the time the explosion hit. “Thurs irsn’t uhver, Buhrarxuhs.” At that, he was off to get his face repaired.


Qwirtle and RaginAsian

“Bring it on, you limey bastard,” Ragin beckoned.

“Right.” I threw a kick to his gut, but he dodged and sent a volley of punches my way as a counter attack. I rolled to the side tried a sweep kick. No result.

“I think it’s time I showed you why you don’t fuck with Ragin.” At that, he started his transformation into a bear. I can’t feel his powers working. What’s going on?

“Do you really think that scares me?” It didn’t.

“It’s not supposed to… yet.” He swung at me. I didn’t have the time to react that I would have had I seen it coming at me. I got a nice slash mark, a toss across the room, and a nice bump on the head for my troubles. “What the hell,” I heard the prig ask in bear-ish version of his raspy voice. What does he mean? He hit me and I went flying. That’s when I saw… well, me.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got this jackass,” it said. I stood just in time for a thrown chair-leg to slam into my chest. I fell again. When I opened my eyes again, there was another me. What was going on?

The two mes started fighting Ragin, using the same fighting techniques I would have. There was no time for questions now. Use a benefit while it’s given. I ran into the fray and started punching and kicking the Ragey the Bear. As he swung his large arms, a chance grasp at something to hold found purchase on a patch of bare skin. Suddenly, I got it.

I took the runner’s powers by mistake. We must have been kept together and touching for a very long time. My powers had been changing for a quite a while. I had started feeling what others felt when they used their powers in close proximity and thinking like I had their powers. Then, one day, Foolsfolly tripped on a crack in the street. As I helped him up, my body and clothes started to vanish. I thought I was going insane. Then it happened again with Jonix. I could see into other peoples’ minds. I knew it had to be some sort of evolution. So, I kept it under wraps. Until now.

As Ragin transforms to his normal state, my copies disappear. Damn. Those could have been helpful. “What the hell did you do to me,” Ragin pleaded. He was obviously trying to transform, but nothing was happening. He tried and tried. Still nothing. Distraught, he looked to me.

“Ready to give up, or would you like to be mauled by a tiger?”

He whimpered a “you win.”

“Good.” I punched him in the solar plexus for good measure and he went down. Now, to make my escape…

Unfortunately I never got the chance. As I made for the door, Celtic walked in to the room. “Kneel.” A sharp pain bit at my calves and my brain simultaneously. Down to my knees I went. He surveyed the mess. “Oh, you know you’re fucked now.”


End of Chapter 4



May 2008

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