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Suddenly Rogues Chapter 3 by Jonixlord

Suddenly Rogues Chapter 3: Hard Time


The side of the road
Jonix, Fools, and Ren

"Good day, officers. What seems to be the problem," Fools casually asked from the truck

"What's that in the back of that truck," one asked. “It kinda looks like a refrigerator.”

“What, this? You’re exactly right. It is a refrigerator. We’re taking it to our friend’s house. He moved out of the city after the attacks.”

The patrolmen looked at each other, communicating what seemed to be distrust or uncertainty. One of them walked back to their car. The other stayed there. “While Officer Danning does a quick background check, I’m going to search your vehicle. Please, step aside.” He climbed up and glanced around. “Is that sand?”

Ren and Fools looked a bit panicked. Jonix, on the other hand, looked distracted. In fact, he was looking around the cabin as if searching for another person hiding. Fools spoke up. “Oh, uh, yeah. It’s our friend’s … sand collection from when he visited the west coast. We think it’s a little weird, but he likes it. We were just trying to clean it up when you stopped by.”

The highway patrolman looked to Fools with a raised eyebrow. Then he noticed Jonix. “What’s his deal?” They didn’t get the chance to answer. The other patrolman came to the back of the truck with a firearm in his hands. “You three are under arrest for conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, manslaughter, smuggling, metahuman activities in a non-metahuman zone, and loitering.” The inspecting officer’s eyes bugged out. He pulled his gun too.

Jonix freaked. “No! No! Don’t do it!” Unfortunately, it was too late. What the two patrolmen hadn’t noticed was their undoing: sand started to form up in the middle of truck bed. It squeezed together in small parts to make what Fools figured were rock arms. Suddenly, the two tendrils of hardened rock shot out of the sandy construct and into the two officers.

One of the rock stakes protruded a few inches either way from Officer Dannings’s stomach. He dropped his gun and fell to the ground, gurgling with pain. The other stake had pierced the second officer’s gun arm. He as well fell to the ground, but kept the gun in his hand. He fired on the the sand pile, but it split apart and let the bullets pierce the floor. Ren was quick to grab the gun out of the man’s hand. She turned it on him. “Please! Don’t kill m…” Ren pulled back her arm and smacked pistol-whipped the hysteric man. He passed out, face down in the blood and sand.

The sand pile started to gather the rest of itself from the broken jars and the two rock spires. It all pushed together and stretched upwards until it was about the shape of a thin man. As if by magic, the sand started turn colors until it was a pale skin tone. Whoever this guy was, he was very young and very naked. He covered his manhood and, with an embarrassed look, formed clothes over his body. He looked to Fools and then Ren. “Finally! After ten thousand years, I’m free! It’s time to conquer earth!” There was a long silence in the truck. “Sorry. I’ve always wanted an excuse to say that.”

They shook their heads “no”. Jonix blinked and seemed to be back to reality. “Guys, this is SharpAsATack. He just killed a man with a rock.”

On the way to the hideout
Baraxis and Puma

Puma had passed out a few minutes ago, leaving Baraxis alone to think about what just happened. “Puma’s bleeding to death in my arms, we’re high in the air and visible to anyone, and I think I killed Brodie. How can this get any worse,” he thought.

They were close to home. “Better be as discreet as possible.” Baraxis touched down on the roof of the building behind their hideout. He made Puma lighter, effectively making him easier to carry as he descended a nearby fire escape. A few minutes of floating the tumblers in their back door’s lock and they were in.

That instant, a loud alarm sounded off. Baraxis covered his ears and ran to the wall-mounted, security panel. “Shit, what was the code? Uh… Star Wars opened in France on… October 19th, 1977.” One code-input later, Baraxis had Puma parked on the couch, his blood flow slowed to a trickle by bandages and pressure. “What do I do now?” Suddenly, the front door exploded and sent Brix flying against the wall. WhoIsBrodie came up to him and smiled his impetuous smile. “Got you now, fucker.”


The side of the road


The four metahumans stood in the back of the truck, sharing the same feeling of perplexity with Baraxis. Fools was the first to speak up:  “So, inventory time. We’ve got one incapacitated highway patrolman, one dead highway patrolman, a botched delivery job,” he gestured to Tack, “and sandboy here. I say we dispose of body and leave sleeping beauty on the road. Yes?” The other three shrugged and went to work. Tack and Jonix were on cadaver detail while Ren and Fools figured out what to do with the unconscious officer.

Jonix and Tack stepped out of the truck and looked at their objective. “You want the head or the feet,” Jonix asked. Tack wordlessly grabbed the corpse’s feet and held them waist level. “Okay, then.” Jonix looked for a good body dump spot. He saw a few large bushes down the road a bit. “Bushes?”

As the moved towards their dumping spot, Jonix started questioning Tack about how he came to be in that container.

“Well, I woke up in a park somewhere and this big disembodied voice started talking to me…”


Central Park


A few hours after the terrorist attack (See Suddenly Heroes #20 -22)


“You want me to do what with who?” Tack sat up and scratched his head.

“You have to be the heart of the family. You have to remind them of why they are doing what they do.”

“Who’s ‘they,’ Caretaker? My family isn’t here,” Tack looked about his surroundings. “I don’t even know where here is.”

“I have high hopes for you. Find the family.”

“Wait, who are they?” The voice was absent. Tack sighed and stood up.  “Well, time ain’t going any slower.” At that, Tack set off to find his fortune in this strange-yet-similar world.

Three days later

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!” Tack was in trouble. He had been running from Vinny “The Fin” Morano and Tony “Chompers” Morano for five blocks, but hadn’t shaken them yet. His pursuers worked for “The Shark,” the only mob boss left in the city. Word on the street was he was trying to strike up a deal with Canada to get support in fighting The Leader. The rain-slicked concrete made his running clumsy and exaggerated. His leading foot buckled on a street corner and he fell, crashing to the ground. Cursing his bad luck, SharpAsATack looked up to see his two assailants bearing down on him. He dove into an alleyway and found a dumpster in which he could hide.

Minutes passed inside the dumpster, but no one came to claim him. Tack figured it was safe to come out. What he didn’t know was that Vinny and Tony were waiting for him to open up the lid. Tack got to see the inner workings of Tony’s gun barrel as it came level with his left eye. “You know you can’t hurt me with that, right?”

Vinny smiled. “Is that so?” He pulled out contraption that was half Super Soaker and half Buck Rodgers-era laser gun. The Fin fired his piece, spraying liquid nitrogen all over Tack. “The boss said this will really slow him down,” Vinny boasted. Tack could feel his insides reverting to stone and sand. The cold worked its magic and he reverted to stone form. “Chompers, grab the kid. We’re going to see the boss.” Tony did as he was told. When Vinny wasn’t looking, he broke a small piece of Tack’s fingernail off and popped it in his mouth. The muscles in his arms and legs visibly bulged instantly and he hefted Tack’s body over his shoulder with ease. “Ah, that’s the stuff.”


The side of the road



“After that, they broke me into a million pieces and put me in those jars,” Tack finished. They had dumped the body and were heading back towards the truck.

“Why would they do that,” Jonix inquired. He seemed genuinely interested.

“Well, it turns out that the sand that I turn into has the ability to give people super strength and endurance for a while.”

Jonix paused. “What?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s retarded. Super-steroids.”

“Does it work on people with powers?”

“I don’t think so. Then again, I don’t really know.” He scratched the back of his head. “I’ve never been around one before. This is pretty new.”

Jonix was about to finish another thought when a loud crash came from the truck. They saw exactly what was happening: Foolsfolly was laying on what was left of the windshield of the patrol cruiser. He wasn’t knocked out, but he wasn’t getting back up either.  The hulking figure of the until-recently incapacitated patrolman step out of the truck and looked towards Tack and Jonix. The enhanced officer ran at them, hands outstretched. “So, Tack. How long do the effects last again?”


The Projects


WhoisBrodie was running. He had to. If he didn’t he would never find Baraxis and get him back for being an asshole. Brodie put his hand out to brush past a car, ripping a huge gash across the side. He ran right through an old lady and smiled sadistically as she exploded into a cloud of cotton and pink mist. He raced past the street fair and made a left. Just over the horizon, he saw a black dot move down to a building. Judging the distance, he darted this way and that until he came up to a rather inconspicuous building. He ran to the window and peered in. He couldn’t see anything, but he could hear a beeping noise from within. It almost sounded like an alarm. Brodie grinned. He put his hand on the door and moved it at such a high speed that it exploded with the kinetic energy exerted on it. Brodie entered.

Brix lay on his side. As he looked into Brodie’s eyes, he couldn’t help but hate him. Baraxis opened his mouth to say something, but Brodie was too fast. Brix’s words were replaced with a sound of agony as the top layers of skin on his right forearm were literally rubbed off. Blood seeped from some of the deeper cuts. Baraxis cradled his wound.

Brodie squatted down to just above Brix’s eye level. “You know what I can do to you,? Do you? Did you know that I can make your cock explode just by touching it? Did you know I can rip every hair out of your body faster than you can say ‘help’? Did you know I can gri-” Brodie didn’t get the chance to finish the sentence. Puma took his foot from the speedster’s crotch, its kicking mission being fulfilled. “Shut … the fuck up...” He collapsed again.

Brodie bowled over onto his back yelling about his balls. Baraxis took the opportunity to run out into the street. No reason to endanger Puma. Before he could get too far, Brodie was back on his feet. Baraxis was ready for him this time.

Brix. immediately made Brodie’s clothes extremely heavy. His legs buckled and he fell, but looked straight into Brix’s eyes with a look of extreme hate. “Do you know what I can do with my powers? Do you? Did you know I can make your skin lighter than air so all the air in your lungs and your blood sags to your feet? Did you know I can make your eyes literally cave into your skull? Did you know I can make you so light you would float into space? Yeah, I can do that. I won’t though. Wanna know why?” Brodie’s eye twitched. “Because I’m the good guy.” Baraxis pounded on Brodie’s face with his elbow. “And good guys don’t fuck people over.”


End of Chapter 3



Well done sir, well done...

May 2008

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